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We all love coconuts, whether it’s the taste, the smell, or just the tropical feeling we get when we see them being used as a prop during an event. Let’s be honest with ourselves; it’s extremely difficult to feel down or sad when coconuts are brought into the equation. When Coconut Stock was founded in Miami, FL, coconut lovers were given an additional option of utilizing branded coconuts as a promotional product for their events or parties. Just like that, a game-changer was born.

Franchise a Coconut Stock Location

We here at Coconut Stock are seeking to branch out our company network and franchise our delicious coconuts. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to come on board and become a part of the Coconut Stock family. Why consider franchising a location? We have all the information you need to know to make the best decision for such an endeavor.

First and foremost, there’s the aspect of experience and expertise. When franchising with Coconut Stock, you’ll be working with our own experts to grow your location. For some people looking to buy into a business, this kind of knowledge and experience is invaluable to have from additional sources. Opening a business on your own leaves you at risk for many potential dangers and pitfalls, but there’s more safety in franchising because you’ll have the company’s best helping with your success.

How about the budget? An independent business is a massive investment, and not everyone can either afford such an expense or find the investors to get you started. A franchise is significantly cheaper because you are provided with a lot of the resources already established by the company.

There’s also the topic of market availability. Depending on your goals for the business you’re looking to have, the market of your area may or may not work in your favor. There’s an important step about evaluating your location, what the business can offer you, what your budget is, and what your interests are, and this all revolves around your choice of whether or not to franchise a location.

There are many specific strengths associated with franchising a business, and it’s important to know all of them before making a decision. Here is a comprehensive list of the benefits you can expect when becoming a part of the Coconut Stock family and franchising a location:

A Pre-Established Brand

A huge part of running a successful business is in having a recognizable brand. This is something that comes with franchising. It’s not just the brand, however, but also the business model, the standard procedures, and more. If we’re talking about painting a picture, starting your own business is like starting your own painting. There are many positive things about this, but with a franchise, you start with a sketch to work off of, and the paint and brushes are laid out before you.

Bigger Safety Net

As mentioned briefly, opening a business is a massive investment. When you franchise, you’re not only spending less, you’re also jumping into a company that starts with more. They already have a consumer base, a momentum of equity, and ultimately less risk of failure as a whole.

Business Training and Support

When you franchise, you aren’t just handed a key and told to get the ball rolling. At Coconut Stock, you’ll specifically be trained by our own experts in a program designed to give you the knowledge and skill necessary to make your location a success. You’ll also receive future support in the event that challenges arise. The company is just as invested in your success as you are, after all.

Easier Financing

Did we mention that starting your own business is expensive? All jokes aside, starting your own business can be a great thing if you can afford it, but there’s also a huge challenge in receiving any help from banks through loans with your own business. Because the cost of franchising is significantly less, you are more likely to get greater assistance from banks.
At the end of the day, there are pros and cons to opening up your own business vs franchising an existing business. Sitting down and evaluating your wants and needs will ultimately help you uncover what’s best for your needs.

Our Coconuts Are One of a Kind

We get our coconuts from Thailand. The reason for this is our dedication to bringing quality products to our consumers. We think that Thai coconuts are the best in the world, largely thanks to the environment in which the coconuts grow. The beautiful, tropical sunshine and rain gives energy to the trees so that they can grow big, healthy, and rich, and the fertile soil ensures the development of fantastic nutrients in the coconuts themselves. The coconuts are grown all-natural without the use of synthetic pesticides or other contaminants.

When harvest time approaches, the coconuts are hand-harvested from the trees, and they are then handled with absolute care. We take a lot of pride in the appearance and flavor of our amazing coconut beverages, and so we emphasize proper handling to ensure the highest quality coconuts make it to our consumers. Holding the coconut in your hand, seeing the personalized designs, and tasting the fresh, nutritious drink is a phenomenal experience.

It is this level of care and compassionate handling that is the backbone of our coconut quality. The unique shape of our diamond-cut coconuts and the flavor of the authentic Thai coconuts are what makes our product so special and significant. No other business handles the inclusion of coconut cups and coconut beverages quite as we do, and that has not only given us an identity in the Miami area but also has helped our brand stand out as a source of quality.

What Can Coconut Stock Do For You?

In 2014, Coconut Stock decided to turn a creative idea into something everyone can enjoy and benefit from. We not only provide some of the best tasting and most appealing coconuts you can find, but we add that personal touch to it that will help impress your guests.

We have our coconuts imported from Thailand, a country that plays a significant role in the production of coconuts. Behind Indonesia, Thailand is the world’s second-largest exporter when it comes to coconuts, and they are known to house some of the tastiest coconuts on the market.

When we receive our coconuts, they are shaved down into the shape of a diamond. This will give them a unique and clean look that will have your guests captivated by the sight. They’ll become one of the highlights of any event, with everyone wanting to get a closer look.

That’s not all; we take it one step further and customize each coconut by branding it with your logo. This will impress your guests even more with the personalized look, and you’ll be able to use them as promotional pieces and centerpieces throughout the event space.

Since the beginning, we’ve been helping a wide range of clients take their events to the next level. They often say it’s the little things that make the most significant difference, and we wholeheartedly agree with that statement from what we’ve seen from our clients. Our coconuts have been featured in a variety of hotels, festivals, weddings, corporate events, and tropical parties across the Miami area.

Major Benefits of Branded Coconuts for Events

When you introduce coconuts with your logo at your event, there is a wide range of benefits you and your guests will experience as a result. If you’re looking to leave a memorable impression on those that attend your event, we have that secret little touch for you.

Using coconuts as a promotional product is something that isn’t done often, giving you a step above the rest of your competition. It’s something new customers and employees will appreciate, but also something that will rub off well on those that haven’t crossed paths with your company yet.

Let’s take a look at some of the most significant benefits our coconuts will provide your event with:

  1. Brand Recognition – when throwing an event, you want people to memorize your logo and tagline by the time they leave. Since our coconuts will be a talking point for weeks to come, your logo will be imprinted into their mind.
  2. Loyalty & Retention – our coconuts help to show your brand’s personality and get people further on board with your company’s vision.
  3. Standing Out – when you choose to display our coconuts at your event, you separate yourself from anyone else throwing events in your industry. Ask yourself, how often have you seen coconuts with a logo on it at an event you’ve attended?
  4. Return On Investment – when your guests are more attached to your event, they are more invested in what you have to offer. Whether it’s a customer, client, or employee you’re throwing an event for, they’ll leave happy, satisfied, and more dedicated to your company.

Our coconuts are unique, creative, fun, and most importantly, they’re delicious! You won’t have to settle on fake coconuts from a local party store with a logo sticker on it anymore. Now you can show that you mean business with a real coconut imported from one of the most reliable sources in Thailand.


“I have been a client from the begining of the company, bring them everywhere I work, Acqualina, Hilton, Hyatt, Aloft and now the Marriot, It is a delicious product, reliable delivery, great price and very easy to do business with.”

Bruno Carvalho

It has been a great pleasure for us working with Dilay and her team. Their coconuts are fresh and in excellent quality/condition. The feedback from our customers is always positive. Thank you for your services and teamwork.”

Ugur Coluk, Purchasing Manager at Nusret Steakhouse, Miami

Working with Dilay and her team is always a great experience! Their coconuts are fresh and great quality. We love working on our own designs to customize the coconuts to each client! We highly recommend working with them!

Adriana Cadet,
Founder and General Planner of The Creative Loft Wedding Planning Studio


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You’ve seen your logo on a giant sign before. Some have seen it on a billboard, some have seen it on television, and others have seen it on certain promotional products like pens, water bottles, or coffee mugs.

Chances are you’ve never seen your logo on a coconut, but we can turn that dream into a reality without the use of fake props. Not only will you get a promotional product, but you’ll get something that provides a tasty drink to you and your guests.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we can provide for your event and how it’s done, we have a team of professionals ready to give you all the information you need. Feel free to contact us today if you’re looking for beautifully branded coconuts to add to your event in Miami, FL. We can’t wait to take your event to the next level!