For the last 5 years, Coconut Stock has been thriving on sales of our iconic, diamond-shaped coconut cups in Miami, FL. Whether they’re used to serve fresh, imported coconut water or used to serve other delicious drinks and cocktails, many of our clients have loved offering our cups at their businesses and events. Besides the fact that these cups look amazing, we also have the ability to brand them with your company name or logo. What better way is there to offer beverages in the hospitality industry than with branded coconuts? This is why we’ve decided to branch out and franchise our business to continue spreading the love and quality of our coconuts.


More About Our Coconuts

We get our delicious coconuts from Thailand and carve them in the shape of diamonds. This is our signature look and makes the cups both easy to hold and stylish. Many of our current clients span through the hospitality industry. These include hotels, local theme parks, and golf courses, and we have also helped supply cups for local events and festivals. Imagine your own area hosting branded coconuts for similar locations and events!


Franchising Our Coconut Cups

We are looking to expand the reach of Coconut Stock by partnering with strong leaders in other areas–or in other words: you! There are two different opportunities that we’re currently offering based on size. The first is for a single-unit franchise that allows you to operate your own Coconut Stock in a protected area of your choice. The other option is an area development franchise which is if you’re looking to lock down a larger area and build a series of Coconut Stock locations.


Regardless of the option you choose, franchising with us will also include the operational equipment you’ll need to grow your coconut stock business, 8 hours of classroom-based training, and 16 hours of on-the-job-based training. The investment cost to franchise with us will vary somewhat depending on location, but will likely fall within the range of $43,000-$49,000. This is such an affordable investment cost that helps you start making money as soon as possible.


About Us

Coconut Stock was founded in 2014. We had the vision of delivering the best, most delicious coconut beverages throughout the Miami area with the help of creative ideas and great friendship. We quickly fell in love with our product and want to share that love with others by growing the Coconut Stock family. Come be a part of our coconut family and spread the love and joy of fresh, Thailand coconuts with your area!


Contact Us

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the coconut family, the best way is to contact us today! For several years, we have been spreading the fresh deliciousness of Thailand coconut cups throughout Miami, FL. Those that have bought our products to sell at their locations have benefited from beautiful, diamond-shaped, branded coconuts to hydrate their guests, decorate the area, and spread their brand. Becoming a part of the coconut family so that you too can provide this amazing opportunity to hospitality businesses and event-holders in your area.