Have you heard? We at Coconut Stock provided branded coconuts for the super bowl weekend! Super Bowl weekend is a huge time for marketing, and a great way to get your name out and around your area with refreshing coconut beverages customized with your logo on them. Our coconuts are imported from Thailand and shaved like a diamond for a signature, clean design. Enjoy the freshness of delicious coconut beverages, or serve your own cocktails with these fantastic, aesthetic coconuts. We’re located in Miami, FL.


Big Name Brands We’ve Covered For the Super Bowl

We’ve worked with several large brand names for this last super bowl weekend. Who are we talking about? These are who we’ve worked with so far:

  • Gatorade
    • Everyone’s favorite sports drink just got coconut-y! Hosted by St. Regis Bal Harbour Hotel, you can spot these Gatorade-branded coconut drinks.
  • VISA
    • America’s favorite credit card company is showing their love for fresh coconuts and is hosted by Shore Club South Beach.
    • Pregame in style with THE PREGAME DAY PARTY, which was hosted at Brickell as a party presented by Fly Supply Clothing.
    • This former player is getting logo branded beverages at the Gronk Beach Party at North Miami Beach and is presented by Medium Rare Management.

It’s not too late for you to join the coconut craze and work with us for coconuts branded with your logo on them. Want to know more about why you should choose us? No problem!


Why You Should Get Branded Coconuts with Coconut Stock

There are many reasons why choosing branded products is a great idea, and here in Miami, choosing coconut beverages is a hit that will get people talking about you! Here are some other benefits to choosing our coconuts:

  • Fresh and Delicious
    • There’s nothing quite like serving up fresh coconut cocktails from a beautiful coconut cup. Your guests will enjoy something sweet with the sensation of drinking straight from the coconut itself.
  • Perfect for Florida Weather
    • Here in Florida, most of the year is hot, sunny, and summery. With a winter as short as the blink of an eye, we’re all about spending our time outside, in the sun, or on the beach, and coconut drinks are the perfect complement to this. They’re refreshing, delicious, and the perfect complement to typical Florida weather and any event you could host here.
  • Guests can Keep Their Coconuts
    • Our coconuts are a great thing for guests to take home after the event and use for a while, all while your brand stays on the side of the coconut. This is something guests love and helps you further expose others to your logo.
  • It’s Different
    • T-shirts and baseball caps are overrated and are rarely fashionable. It’s not uncommon for these items to end up collecting dust in someones’ closet only to be forgotten. Our coconut beverages are unique, stand out to guests when they first see them, and last for a while after the event as well.
  • They Look Fantastic
    • Our sleek, diamond-shaped coconuts are eye-catching with their stark white appearance and the contrast of your logo. They are a great way to make an event look classy and unique.


Contact Us for Branded Coconuts Customized for You

Are you ready to invest in branded coconuts with Coconut Stock? We believe there’s no better way to accent an event with branded products here in Miami, FL, and there are so many reasons to choose coconuts over other common items. For more info on our products, contact us today.