Have you ever considered hosting your own business events? There are many advantages to doing so, such as expanding your customer reach or partnering with other local businesses. Here in beautiful Miami, FL, there are many ways to take advantage of the rich city culture and perfect Florida weather to make your business events leave an impact. Did you know that you can enhance this impact further by supplying your events with promotional products? Whether it’s a free pen, a hat or article of clothing, or even a coconut drink from Coconut Stock, your items can make a difference! Here are 5 fantastic benefits of hosting local promotional products Miami at your next business event.


How Promotional Products Can Help You

  • Works Just Like a Business Card
    • Business cards contain all the essential information a consumer or potential business partner would need to understand your business and your brand: company name, contact information, and location. Why not put all the same points of detail on nifty tote bag, or on the cup of a refreshing coconut drink? Not only does this create a diegetic brand awareness experience for the event-goers, but it also gives you an opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality!
  • Creates Brand Recognition
    • With a business card, you need to intentionally look at it and read its content in order to digest the information and recognize it, but with promotional products, this process happens automatically. People who interact with your products will naturally consume that information unintentionally at even a glance. Your brand name and logo will easily stick out to people and pique their interest to investigate further, or will get stored in the backs of their minds so that when they see your brand elsewhere, they’ll instantly recognize it.
  • Lasts Longer than the Event
    • Most people will shove business cards into their purses and wallets only for those to be forgotten and then eventually thrown away. Promotional products have a much higher chance of not only being kept by consumers but also used regularly in their everyday lives. There isn’t much use for a piece of paper, but a cup or mug with a clever logo? You might just have given someone their go-to container for morning coffee! Not only will they see the name of your brand every time they use that item, but so will their friends and family.
  • Generates Consumer Loyalty
    • It’s no secret that people love free things, but it’s more than just saving someone a few dollars. Brands that offer complimentary items at different events have a natural positive reception. Has someone ever bought you lunch, or perhaps brought you an unexpected gift? We perceive companies in a similar way when they offer us free items. Just as you might feel more inclined to buy lunch for the coworker that did the same for you, we may feel more inclined to support the business that gave us a free T-shirt.
  • It’s Cost Efficient
    • Getting your brand name out, there can be an extremely expensive endeavor, especially when you look into media presence and online ads. Promotional products are relatively inexpensive in comparison, and they spread brand awareness through visual recognition and word of mouth.


Coconut Stock and Promotional Products Miami

With beautiful Miami, FL, as our backyard, we help businesses reap the benefits of promotional products through our custom coconut drink mugs made from real coconuts! Our coconuts come fresh from Thailand and are then given our iconic diamond shape–the perfect blank canvas for your brand logo and contact information.


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